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The following resources are designed for people with schizophrenia to support mental health recovery discussions. These resources may help with conversations on setting goals, identifying appropriate treatment options, life skills, support, and more.


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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Setting Your Goals

A worksheet to help you set new recovery goals that are meaningful and important to YOU.

Choosing Your Goals

A worksheet to help you identify how satisfied or happy you are in different areas of your life. It will also help you decide in which areas you want to make changes and set new goals.

Exploring Your Beliefs About Medication

A worksheet that can help you become aware of your beliefs and understand them.

Goal Setting

A worksheet that provides you with information and exercises to help you build goal-setting skills.

Staying on Track

A worksheet to help you prepare for changes in care and stay on course with your treatment plan.

Treatment Discussions

Understanding Mental Health Episodes

This worksheet can help you take control of your recovery journey.

Treatment & Recovery

A journal for writing down your treatment and medication preferences and recovery history.

Medication Thoughts and Strategies

A worksheet to help you talk with your doctor or other treatment team members about the way you think about medication.

Preparing for a Doctor Visit

A worksheet to help you and members of your treatment team prepare for your next doctor appointment.

Making Medication Decisions

A worksheet to help you begin conversations with your treatment team.


A worksheet to empower you to partner with your doctor around medication and treatment decisions.

Staying on Track With Recovery

Making Choices

Making choices and decisions along the mental health recovery journey is part of the process.

Strategies for Educational Journey

This worksheet can help you with your efforts to find solutions to potential challenges you might face as you continue school after your diagnosis.

Strategies for Employment

This worksheet can help you with your efforts to find solutions to potential challenges you might face as you continue to work or look for employment after your diagnosis.

Problem Solving

Finding the right treatment options for you is an important part of your recovery process.

Support Network

Partners in Care

A worksheet that helps you involve loved ones in your recovery journey in ways that feel comfortable to each of you.

Making Decisions Together

Mental health recovery is a lifelong journey. There are ups and downs and twists and turns along the way, but it’s important to be hopeful.

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