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Schizophrenia may be a challenging journey for everyone involved, which is why it’s important to have help. Hope For Schizophrenia is here to teach you important information about schizophrenia, provide resources, and help you understand the benefits a once-monthly treatment can have for you or a loved one.

Discover the impact of a once-monthly difference, and learn more about what it really means to live with schizophrenia.

What Is Schizophrenia?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to schizophrenia. The right tools and education may help us better understand and define schizophrenia.

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Long-acting Injections

Learn about different treatment types, how they can help control symptoms, and the difference a once-monthly treatment option can make.

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A change in a schizophrenia treatment plan could make a difference

Take this quiz to learn if a once-monthly treatment is right for you. Next, speak with your doctor to learn more about your options and which treatment would make a good fit.

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Hear Real Stories

There’s a community of people with unique stories like yours who have inspiring tales of hope. They’ve spoken up and shared their experiences, teaching others about schizophrenia while working to end the stigma that surrounds it.

You can join them by reading and listening to these stories about real people who live with schizophrenia and their caregivers who have helped them along the way. Together we can make sure our community is heard.

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Explore Resources

Discover tips and tools to help you manage your schizophrenia and find the best treatment

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Support Your Loved One

When a loved one with schizophrenia needs support, we can help you be that support

Caregiver Resources
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Treatment Team Members

You can make a difference in your patients’ lives, and these resources can help

Treatment Team Resources

Curious about a specific, once-monthly option for adults with schizophrenia?

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