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Finding HopeVideos

Real patients share their struggles with schizophrenia, and how long-acting injections (LAIs) help them move forward. 

Deborah Finds Safety

“I was lost in the subway. I was scared.”

Find out how long-acting injections helped Deborah find her way.

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Jason Finds Family

“I was so angry with my parents that I wasn’t sure I would ever have a relationship with them again.”

Find out how long-acting injections helped Jason reconnect with loved ones.

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Jason and Deborah are volunteers with the SHARE Network. In consideration of their time spent participating in this activity, they were paid an honorarium by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Hear Real Stories

“Up until recently, I haven't been that vocal about my illness or like explaining my story or anything like that. And so I kept it like pretty private for a long time.
— Ruby

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